We wan’t you in our VBK Team!

We are constantly looking for talented, self driven, outspoken team members to grow with us.

Positions available:

Store Manager

We are looking for a results driven retail store manager to be responsible for the overall store management. The successful candidate will be able to enhance customer satisfaction, meet sales and profitability goals and manage staff effectively. Candidates will have the most success if they have a background in financial planning, employee recruitment, or retail management. Store manager responsibilities may include supervising assistant store managers.

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Store Clerks

We are looking for Store Clerks who can participate in sales and transactions on the floor, self driven, outspoken and costumer service oriented. Among the duties:

  • Operate the cash register and provide accurate change to cash-paying customers
  • Show customers the locations of items they are looking for and suggest complementary items when appropriate
  • Greet customers when they walk through the door and ask if they need assistance
  • Pay attention to shoppers on the floor and notify management of any possible shoplifting activity
  • Restock shelves when needed to ensure optimum availability of products
  • Unpack shipments in the store room and categorize them appropriately
  • Place special orders for customers who can’t find what they need in the store
  • Call the warehouse to inquire about stock
  • Prepare and distribute special-ordered merchandise

To apply for this position send your resume at